The Minarets, Sierra Nevada – California

There is tremendous beauty in the Sierra Nevada. It never stops amazing me whenever I visit. The mountain scenery makes you feel so small, but so special being part of God’s creation. Even though this life has it’s trials, tribulations, and nastiness, it can be a glorious life knowing you have the Lord who is always at your side. I took this photo on a solo back country trip and climbed the pass to the left of this photo. After I arrived I was looking for a photo everywhere but to no avail. To say I was discouraged is an understatement. This place is so special and beautiful, that I couldn’t believe I wasn’t going to get a photo. As I made my way down to mosquito haven, out of nowhere I saw the scene pictured and knew it was God showing himself to me. He always amazes me and constantly shows me the way. I snapped off many shots before losing a pint of blood and retreated back to my tent with a massive smile. My prayers that night are like every night – giving gratitude and thanks to the Lord for all he provides.

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